Mahjong – is a very fun and free to play game, that a lot of people used to engage with when it comes to chilling on a sofa or sitting in the office. You can open your chrome browser and launch best time-killer games with no installation needed. Any file loaded to your PC can potentially do some harm, so our goal is to ensure nothing goes wrong and you are completely safe. Everything is executed directly on page.

  • Supports HTML5 technology
  • Mobile compatible
  • Free to use on any device!

How to play mahjong?


Find 2 similar dominos (elements). Use your cursor or finger (depending on the device) to tap/click on first and then the second element. After you found identical ones and clicked on both, they should disappear. End goal is to remove all mahjong tiles from the free game. Browser has features to disable sound, music, show some hints, shuffle the tiles etc. Don’t waste time on clicking on blocked elements, as only those on the top are available until you open the rest.

All the best!


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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