If you’re a fan and obsessed with shooter games like Minecraft, here is a best browser shooter with minimalistic design that you’d love – Kirka! Join dozens of players and become a champ.

How to play shooter game like Minecraft?

Select the weapon wisely, as it has different range that defines the gunpower. From sniper rifles or uzi to ak-47 or machine gun there is a variety of strategies you could use based on that. Also, take a look at the map, as it also impacts your ability to use the weapon.

Unlike other shooter IO games like EV or Fury, this game does not require to be fast, only accuracy matters when you push the trigger. Choose your position wisely, as in this shooter game if other people find you sooner that you find them, the result is know… All the best!

Controls & Gameplay

Same as any other game: W A S D buttons to make the moves, E to start climbing, and mouse to shoot and aim. You can select weapons every round, so that you don’t need to use the same strategy all over the game.


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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