Browser game for kids and adults Pizza Cut

It is a nice minigame that will help you train accuracy or teach your kids geometry basics. We all enjoy perfection in everything, so why not trying to do a perfect Pizza Cut by splitting your pizza into different quantity of pieces? Check this out, if you can be as accurate as you think you are!

Slice and Dice your pizza

The goal is to reach 100% precision, where you are given task (e.g. 8 slices) and then need to make each cut, so that each part of pizza is equal. You might need to have a good skills in geometry or just be lucky. Try playing this with your kids so that they can train themselves how to do things right. Also, its a nice office game or entertainment for a nice home party with your friends. You can check how accurate is every friend of yours, so that you compare the results and define the winner. Still waiting? Click and slice, show me your power!


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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