In this game you need to find the difference on 2 pictures and click on them. Pretty simple gameplay but very addicting. Lots of levels, rating system to see your progress. Play instantly without any registration or hidden rules.

Description and controls

Click on any difference and it will be highlighted using a circle

In every level you have 3 tries, once they are used and you click on wrong area, you would need to restart the round. You can use 3 hints as well, so that the game shows you where was the difference. Spot the elements without any timer applied, so you can take as much time as needed.

You can skip the level if its too hard for you. It’s implemented as we know some players cant spot the difference on every picture, or there are situations where even hints cant help finding all changes.

Every picture usually has elements of different colors, or those are simply missing. Every change is done in a proper manner, since you don’t need to apply zoom to see those, but at the same time, they are not 100% obvious. Try being a detective, cope with tasks, accomplish levels and become a true difference finder!


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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