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I always hear that people want to find an ideal free word game, where they can just feel comfortable while combining crossword experience and brain teaser. Well, now you have them both with WordHunt! Play it any time you want, without any complexity. Once feel bored, change it for any RPG shooter or addicting racing games. We have a variety of things to have you engaged with intuitive gameplay. Below you will find the example of UI, where you have questions on the right, and find answers on the left. There is no timer! So you aren’t limited with time anyhow.

How to play game? Just select the right answers using your cursor.

Once you really can’t find an answer, just Google it. I know its not the best scenario, but it works to go for another level. Also, it will make you feel better, and isn’t it the goal of any browser mini game? The benefit is you can close the session at any point and restart once it becomes interesting for you.


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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