How to play multiplayer browser game WW2 Fury?

One of the newest and best 1t person shooters for desktop browsers. 100% online gameplay with multiplayer option. Join directly from your Chrome/Mozilla/Safari/Edge/IE/AmazonSilk etc. Easy launch on any device and internet speed. It is also free of charge or registration so you can go straight to the business. There is a multiplayer browser game mode where you join other players in different game mods:

  • fight against enemies
  • defeat enemy team
  • capture the flag etc.

You also have an option to select the weapon, change its type, use secondary one. In order to be successful, always check the mini map, as it shows where the enemies are. After every time you were eliminated, you can respawn and join the battle again.

The benefit of this first-person shooter is a unique UI related to World War II and pretty nice animation. Just try to survive in this virtual reality battle!


License: granted by Addicting Games, Inc for free distribution and global use.

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